Create your own WEB3page on the BSV blockchain

Despite what may sound difficult, it is very easy to mint an HTML Web page in the BSV20 blockchain.

Through the platform, you can very easily and for about $0.01 inscribe an HTML code as an ordinal. This ordinal can be viewed online after about 5 to 10 minutes!

Before you get started…

◉ First of all, you need to be in possession of a wallet filled with a small amount of BSV. You can create this wallet very easily via Once a wallet is created you can proceed to deposit a small amount of BSV to then be able to enroll your HTML or other ordinal. Read more about this here.

◉ To host your HTML from the BSV blockchain, you should already inscribe some images as ordinal which you want to use for your WEB3 page. Choose which images you want to include in your WEB3 page, upload them as ordinal and replace the transaction ID from the sample HTML codes below, with your own transaction number:

This number "21533d168f443efb96ee0b41fc4720f863c6cf6c8dcc0ad93826d0b526a64ab1" in the HTML code below is the transaction number which needs to be replaced with your own image/ordinal transaction number:

<img src="21533d168f443efb96ee0b41fc4720f863c6cf6c8dcc0ad93826d0b526a64ab1_0" height="275" width="200"/>

◉ In addition to customizing the images, you can also customize the text or point to other text files or web pages inscribed as ordinal on the BSV blockchain.

The HTML code below references two ordinals within a container; one ordinal that is loaded as an image (4cdabcec8296189e0402c7c765abe8ccce60d9cb59553a3a4b1fc71a304783ee) and one ordinal inscribed as a text file that is loaded as text (ada4e9a8f09e8e87a5294edb10f4a1e4cec4fb9f5b9a0e4856f2ab55c35fe2f5):

<div class="container">
  <img src="4cdabcec8296189e0402c7c765abe8ccce60d9cb59553a3a4b1fc71a304783ee_0" alt="Avatar" style="width:100%;">
  <p><embed src="ada4e9a8f09e8e87a5294edb10f4a1e4cec4fb9f5b9a0e4856f2ab55c35fe2f5_0"></p>
  <span class="time-right">11:00</span>

◉ On this webpage are several HTML templates you can customize. Each template can be viewed, modified and the HTML file downloaded via the HTML/Editor viewer on this website. The file you download can then be inscribed at using the HTML option.

◉ Once the ordinals have been uploaded into the blockchain and they can be found in your wallet, you can view it by going through this website which functions as WEB2 router for WEB3 HTML and replace the transaction number of your ordinal:

Bitcoin Domain Names

Right now Bitcoin Domain Names are at the beginning of evolution, claim your BSV domain name in advance to make sure you will soon be able to link your WEB3page directly to it.

More information about using Bitcoin domain names will follow soon! Claim yours on

Click on the image for the HTML editor/viewer

HTML Templates