What is BSV20?

BSV20 is a token standard that can be minted on the BitcoinSV (BSV) blockchain. Through a few very simple steps, you can create a BSV20 token or upload an NFT (Ordinal) through

What are the costs?

The cost involved in mining an NFT ranges from $0.01 to $0.10 cents, depending on the file size of the image (KB/MB). Minting a BSV20 token costs less than $0.001 per mint.

How do I mint a token/NFT?

On this web page you will find a brief explanation of how to mine a token or NFT: How to mint on BSV

Why do I have 2 wallets?

One wallet is for your BitcoinSV (BSV) which you need to mine a token or NFT. The other wallet is for your NFT (Ordinals). Be careful not to send your NFT/Ordinals to your BSV wallet and vice versa!

What if I sent my BSV/NFT to the wrong wallet?

This is not a problem because there is a way to correct it. We will assume that you accidentally sent an NFT/Ordinal to your BSV address. Pay close attention to the next steps, you need to open the privatkey!

  1. Create a new wallet on 1SatOrdinals and download the .JSON backup file
  2. Open this .JSON file of this new wallet with a text editor.
  3. Download a backup of your existing wallet where you sent an NFT to your BSV address
  4. Copy your BSV address from your existing wallet
  5. Paste this BSV address into your new wallet in the place of your ORDI wallet
  6. Save your new, edited, wallet and open it in 1SatOrdinals. Your NFT/Ordinal is now visible under the Ordinals tab and can be transferred.